Month: April 2017

2016-17 OJCT Final Tour Rankings

The 2016-17 OJCT Tour events schedule has come to a conclusion and the final tour rankings have been calculated and posted to the OJCT website. Congratulations to the following teams: U21 Men – Team Hall  (runner up Team Michaud) U21 Women – Team Armstrong (runner up Team Wallingford) U18 Men – Team Mooibroek (runner up Team Purdy) U18 Women – Team Gray (runner up Team Bernard) Our thanks go out to the many event organizers, sponsors, volunteers, clubs and officials that were part of a record 32 events (16 U21 and 16U18) on tour this year.  We can’t thank them enough. Finally to the athletes, parents and coaches from across the province, the country and from other nations that take part in these OJCT sanctioned events, we, the Board of the OJCT, thank you for your willingness and desire to train and compete, to travel far and wide across the province to participate in these events and to share in the fellowship of junior curling.  We, as a curling province, are richer for your...

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Mooibroek & Sutherland Cap Off U18 Season With Wins

The last event of the 2016-17 OJCT season concluded with teams Mooibroek and Sutherland emerging victorious. Both teams ended their seasons with wins at the U18 Player’s Championships. Mooibroek beat team Leung to claim the boys title, after those teams got past teams Inglis and Sinnett in the semi-finals. The boys playoffs were rounded out by teams Steffler, Fayaz, Purdy, and Del Conte. On the girls side, Sutherland beat team McKenzie to earn the title, after those teams beat teams Steele and Smith in the semi-finals. The girls playoffs were rounded out by teams Kiemele, Flannery, Bernard, and Croisier. The OJCT would like to thank everyone who contributed to the 2016-17 OJCT U18 season, and we look forward to seeing you all in the...

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Horgan and St-Georges Close U21 Season With Wins

The OJCT U21 season concluded this past weekend with the U21 Players Championship Slam. Teams Horgan and St-Georges came away with wins at this season’s last U21 event. Team Horgan capped off the weekend by beating team Richard in the men’s final. Those two teams got through teams Roberge and Poole in the semi-finals. The men’s field was rounded out by teams Clouser, Steep, Hahn and Stopera. Team St-Georges won the women’s side with a win in the final over team Crook. Those teams beat teams Bernard and Anderson in the semi-finals. The women’s field was rounded out by teams Clendenan, Rozon, Auld and Burns. The OJCT would like to thank everyone who contributed to the 2016-17 U21 tour season.        ...

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