The Ontario Junior Curling Tour announces changes to Tour ranking system, partnership with a new national youth ranking system initiative

TORONTO, Ontario – August 3, 2017– The Ontario Junior Curling Tour (OJCT) is excited to announce that its Board of Directors has approved significant changes to the OJCT points assessment and ranking system that will enhance the ability of the Tour and its events to create more meaningful development opportunities for U21 and U18 teams and their players.

With these changes, the Tour is also announcing its intention to partner with the National Youth Feeder System of Curling Canada and the Ontario Curling Association (CurlOn) to pilot these changes in advance of the implementation of a national youth ranking system for junior players.

The new points assessment and ranking system, available on the OJCT website (OJCT Points and Ranking System), comprises a new set of principles for the way points are calculated for sanctioned events on Tour and how they are accumulated in a season.  These principles include:

  • A new event tier structure where events of different size, stature and outcome offer more points for wins and teams making the playoff positions
  • The introduction of a revised size ofield index and new strength of field index that increases the number of available points for an event based on the teams playing in that event
  • Points will separated and tracked by age group, U21 and U18. Points will also be partially transferable from one age level to the other and for events that are played on another recognized tour or level in or outside Ontario
  • Points will be attributed to a team and to the individuals on the team to allow for teams that reform in subsequent years to carry-forward their points based on the new line-up

The Tour will also change the number of events and way points are accumulated by introducing event inclusion caps and a new length of season for points to be accumulated stretching over two traditional curling seasons (wrapping-around by changing the start and end dates for accumulation).   Points will also carry-forward for teams and individuals from the previous season to the next season similar to the Order of Merit for men’s and women’s play.

“The OJCT has given considerable thought to making changes to its ranking system for sometime now”, said Perry Marshall, Chairperson of the Ontario Junior Curling Tour. “With the expected introduction of a new national ranking system for juniors similar to CTRS in 2018-19, the Board felt it was time to adopt changes that would allow the Tour events to become a pilot for the national initiative and to work with the OCA on possible uses for the Tour ranking system that could not be done with the old system”.

“Partnering with the OJCT presents a wonderful opportunity to look at how a ranking system for juniors similar to CTRS can be piloted at the scale of the number of events, teams and athletes in Ontario” said Manager – Program Development – Youth Feeder System, Curling Canada, Helen Radford“The national initiative to create a junior ranking system will be an important part of the standardized, talent identification through performance model we want to adopt at the junior level.”


“The adoption of a national ranking system for juniors presents new opportunities for the OCA and the U21 and U18 Championships the OCA operates to adopt new championship models similar to the Ontario Tankard and Scotties” said Steve Chenier, Executive Director, Ontario Curling Association.   “We look forward to working with the OJCT and the junior community on those possibilities for the 2018-19 season.”

Throughout the season, the OJCT through its Board members and player representatives, will be looking to the junior community for feedback on these changes and to assist in continuously improving the system for 2018-19 and beyond.

Registration for teams for points accumulation and eligibility for OJCT invitational events for the 2017-18 is open and can be found on the OJCT website.   Season schedules listing all sanctioned events have been updated and classified as well utilizing the system. Teams are encouraged to register and be in the system for 2017-18 and beyond.

For more details on the OJCT events calendar, profiles of tour teams, online scoring and other valuable junior curling information, go to the OJCT website at For more information about the Tour and the changes to the points and ranking system, please contact OJCT Tour Chairperson, Perry Marshall at