The 2018 Hogline U18 Spiel, September 28 – 30, has now opened for entry.  Event information is available on the OJCT and OYCL websites.  Click here for event information and entry form

Here is the latest update of events that are currently accepting entries:

U21 Events

  • Stu Sells Junior Tankard
  • Brampton Junior Cashspiel
  • KW Youth Classic

U18 Events

  • OYCL Hogline Spiel
  • Coldwater Rocktoberfest
  • KW Youth Classic
  • Stu Sells U18 Tankard
  • K-W Granite U18 Cashspiel

U15 Events

  • KW Youth Classic

Check the OJCT events calendar for the events’ listing and links to how to submit entries.