The Oct. 13-15 weekend wrapped up with 10 teams emerging victorious. The Ottawa Superspiel qualifier, hosted in Almonte, saw 6 teams rise to claim the remaining births into the Superspiel, held in Ottawa the last weekend of October. John Willsey’s team claimed the first men’s birth via the A side, with the remaining two births claimed by teams McNamara and Hahn, who won the B side and C side respectively. The women’s side saw Emma Wallingford’s team go undefeated and claim the A side birth. Team Little rebounded from an A final loss to grab the B side birth, while team Gray grabbed the final Superspiel spot via the C side.

U21 action also took place at the Brampton Curling Club, where 8 womens and 10 mens teams looked to take the crown. Megan Smith’s team from Sudbury completed a 6-0 weekend and claimed the title with a 5-2 win over team Kiemele. Smith and Kiemele met in the women’s final after wins over teams Rozon and Bernard respectively. Meanwhile on the men’s side, team Enman also attempted to go 6-0 for the weekend, but lost an extra-end final to Matthew Hall’s team. Hall and Enman arrived in the men’s final after semi-final wins over teams Fayaz and Richard respectively.

The weekend’s Rocktoberfest U18 Spiel took place in Coldwater, where two hometown teams were the champions. The Coldwater teams of Kelly Middaugh and Evan Running are this year’s champs, after Middaugh won the girl’s final 7-6 and Running won the boy’s final 8-4. Middaugh and Running bested teams Bertolo and Del Conte in the finals. The playoff teams were rounded out by teams Croisier and Robert on the girl’s side, and teams Rooney and Goves on the boy’s side.

Congratulations to the 10 winners, and best of luck to the 6 teams advancing to the Superspiel.


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