Author: John Gabel

Croisier, Niepage, Deschenes Medal At U18 Nationals

Ontario was well represented at the U18 National Championships in Sherwood Park, Alberta, April 2-7. Teams Croisier (Northern Ontario), Deschenes (Ontario), and Niepage (Ontario) all made their way to the playoffs, and will all travel home after winning medals. Team Niepage earned their way into the boy’s semi-finals, where they took on team Manitoba. After going up 3-2 after three ends, they stole 9 points to make the final 12-2. In the final they took on B.C., and emerged victorious in a 6-5 final. Congratulations to the 2019 Canadian U18 Gold medalists representing the Coldwater & District Curling Club, team Niepage! On the girl’s side, teams Croisier and Deschenes both won their way into the semi-finals, where they matched up with teams New Brunswick and B.C. respectively. Croisier took down New Brunswick by a 7-4 score, and Deschenes beat B.C. by a 6-2 score, setting up an all Ontario final. The final saw the Northern Ontario squad emerge victorious by a 6-2 score. Congratulations to the 2019 Canadian U18 Gold medalists representing the Idylwylde Golf & Country Club, team Croisier! Congratulations to the silver medalists representing the Manotick Curling Club, team...

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U18 Provincial Champions Crowned

The Ontario U18 Championships concluded yesterday at the Paris Curling Club. The 2019 champions are team Deschenes on the girl’s side, and team Niepage on the boy’s side. Both teams will now represent Ontario at the U18 national championships in Sherwood Park, Alberta, April 2nd-7th. Team Deschenes wrapped up the round robin with a perfect 7-0 record and claimed the first spot in the girl’s final. Team Steele finished 2nd after round robin with a 5-2 record, which placed them in the semi-final. Teams S.Johnston, C.Johnston and Vivier tied for 3rd with 4-3 records, necessitating the need for a tie-breaker. Rounding out the girl’s field were teams Kropf, Zemmelink, and Belliveau. The tie-breaker saw a battle of the Johnstons end in favour of team S.Johnston, by a tight 8-7 score. In the semi-final team Steele edged team S.Johnston by a 5-2 score. The top 2 round robin teams met in the final, with team Deschenes emerging victorious in a tight 7-6 contest. The boy’s round robin saw teams Niepage and Leung finish with 5-2 records, with Niepage advancing to the final and Leung the semi-final. Teams Goves and McNamara went 4-3 in round robin and advanced to a tie-breaker against each other. Rounding out the boy’s side were teams Inglis, Rooney, Jones, and Massey. The boy’s tie-breaker saw team Goves moving on after a 7-4 win over team McNamara....

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U18 Points Champions

The OJCT is pleased to announce this season’s U18 points champions. The girl’s 2018-19 U18 points champions is team Croisier, representing the Idylwylde Golf and Country Club. Congratulations to skip Bella Croisier, vice Jamie Smith, second Lauren Rajala, lead Piper Croisier, and coach Shawn Croisier. The boy’s 2018-19 U18 points champion is team Rooney, representing the Dixie Curling Club. Congratulations to skip Landan Rooney, vice Matthew Prenevost, second Kevin Genjaga, lead Ben Lobo, and coach Dave Rooney. The final top 10’s for the 2018-19 season were as follows: U18 Girls: 1. Croisier, 2. Deschenes, 3. Vivier, 4. Belliveau, 5. Steele, 6. S.Johnston, 7. Kropf, 8. Guilbault, 9. Cowan, 10. MacKay U18 Boys: 1. Rooney, 2. Del Conte, 3. Leung, 4. Inglis, 5. Niepage, 6. Massey, 7. Goves, 8. J.Jones, 9. Hocevar, 10. McNamara Congratulations to all teams who finished in the season’s top 10. The new U18 points season will begin at U18 provincials, best of luck to all...

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U18 Provincial Field Rounded Out

The U18 provincial field was set Sunday evening, as the final 4 spots were filled after the conclusion of the U18 challenge round. The Orangeville curling club hosted 14 girls teams looking to claim a spot, and it was teams Kropf and Zemmelink earning provincial births. Team Kropf finished the weekend with a 3-0 record and claimed the A side birth with a tight 5-4 win over team Zemmelink. The B final saw Zemmelink drop in to meet team Dobson, who entered the contest with 4 straight B side wins. Team Zemmelink was able to stop team Dobson’s momentum, and claimed the B side with a 11-2 win. The Huntsville curling club hosted the boys last chance, with 12 U18 boys teams battling it out for provincial births. Team Rooney won three straight games to claim the A side, including a 8-4 A final win over team Gorman. Team Massey’s lone loss came against team Rooney in the A semi, as they finished the weekend 4-1, and claimed the B side with a 7-3 win. With the challenge rounds complete, the U18 provincial fields have been set. March 9th will see the start of provincial play at the Paris curling club, best of luck to all...

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U18 Challenge Round Begins Tomorrow

The field for U18 provincials will be rounded out this weekend, as the last 4 spots are on the line. The Huntsville curling club will host 12 boys teams looking to grab one of two spots up for grabs. The strong field features 4 of the top 10 teams from the rankings, with some great action in store. 14 girls teams will descend on the Orangeville curling club, where two will advance to provincials. With the field featuring 6 of the top 15 ranked teams, there is sure to be some great battles. 2 boys teams and 2 girls teams will advance from the challenge round to U18 provincials, March 9-13 at the Paris curling club. Good luck to the 26 teams looking to extend their playdown...

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OJCT Championship Invitational @ Guelph Curling Club
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Participation is through invitation only.  Invitations and event information is available after the conclusion of the U21 and U18 OCA and NOCA Qualifiers. Complete entry form below to start the entry process.  Entry will be[...]
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