One of the OJCT’s busiest weekends concluded Sunday, with 3 events drawing to a conclusion. Finishing Sunday evening was the Southern Ontario Superspiel Qualifier, in Waterloo, the Hogline OYCL U18 Spiel, in Ottawa, and the Oakville Optimist U18 Spiel.

The action at K-W Granite came to a close with 4 teams punching their ticket to the Superspiel. Team Mooibroek finished the men’s round robin 5-0 and claimed the first men’s birth. The 2nd qualifier game featured teams Hart and Hang, with China’s Qu Hang emerging victorious by a 10-3 score. On the women’s side, team Coburn claimed the first birth with a 7-5 win over team Doig in the A-final. Doig dropped into the B-final where they met team Auld, who won the B-semi 6-5 over team Madden. Auld would keep the momentum going, taking the B-final and the second women’s birth by a score of 8-2.

In Ottawa, teams Inglis and Blad emerged victorious, claiming some of the first U18 fall titles. Inglis won the boy’s final 8-2 over team McNamara. Rounding out the boy’s Hogline OYCL playoffs were teams Rowe and Collins. Team Blad won the girl’s title, with a 6-4 victory over team Deschenes. Joining Blad and Deschenes in the girl’s playoff were teams Vivier and Parks.

Oakville’s Optimist U18 Spiel concluded with teams Goves and Woodend winning the A events. Goves claimed the boy’s final in a 4-3 extra end win over team Del Conte. Goves and Del Conte advanced to the final after wins over Hocevar and Rooney in the semi-finals. Woodend claimed the girl’s final via a 9-1 win over team Cowan. Those teams got past teams Byers and S. Johnston in the A-semis. B event winners were J.Jones on the boy’s side, over Flannery 2-1, and C. Johnston on the girl’s side, over M. Harris.

Congratulations to all the winners this weekend!