The Brampton U21 Junior Cashspiel concluded Sunday with team Steep claiming the men’s title and team Yu Han winning the women’s side. Steep won the men’s title in a 3-2 final over team Massey, while Han bested team Denyer 9-3 in the women’s final. Semi-finalists included teams Mooibroek and Zhang on the men’s side and teams S. Johnston and Siyu Han on the women’s side. Making the quarter-finals were teams Naus and Hang Qu for the men, and teams Coburn and Don for the women.

The OVCA Superspiel Qualifier also came to a close Sunday in Almonte, with the final 6 Superspiel births up for grabs. Teams Gray and Hahn went undefeated in the triple knockout event and claimed the first two births. After dropping their first game, team Sutherland was able to reel off 5 straight wins and claim the women’s B birth. Team Poole rebounded after losing the A final and claimed the men’s B birth. The C finals featured teams Thorne and Deschenes on the women’s side, and teams Gazeley and Inglis on the men’s side. Team Deschenes claimed the last women’s Superspiel birth by a 9-1 score in the women’s C final. Team Inglis also put up 9 points, as they took the men’s C final by a 9-3 score, and claimed the final men’s Superspiel birth.