Mixed Doubles, the newest curling event added to the Olympics, is growing quickly across the country and here in Ontario.  An Ontario Adult Tour with a number of events has started to form and on the national front, a full Olympic Trials and a number of direct entry events into the Trials or that allow for qualifying points are being added to the competitive calendar.  There is even an event in the OJCT calendar with the Stu Sells Mixed Doubles (U25) Championships scheduled for January 2018, two weeks before the 2018 OCA U21 Provincial qualifiers.  As U21 athletes, you are not restricted from entering any of these events and we want to bring an opportunity to your attention in August.

The KW Granite Club in Waterloo is running a mixed doubles event on the 25th – 27th and they are still accepting entries.  A number of nationally ranked teams will be playing and the event will allow you to earn valuable CMDRS points potentially starting you on your way to the next Olympic qualifying cycle.

To make it even more attractive to U21 teams, the KW event organizers, along with the organizers of the Stu Sells Mixed Doubles event, are offering an entry discount if you commit to entering both events this season.  If you are interested in that, contact Perry Marshall by email

Don’t miss out on the opportunity.