A lot has changed since the last time we saw many of you on the ice, or in one of Ontario’s many curling venues. One such change is the formation of a new junior curling tour for Ontario. Through collaboration between the OJCT and JSS (Junior Slam Series), junior curlers in Ontario will now see their curling tour streamlined under one umbrella, with the formation of the Junior Curling Tour of Ontario (JCTO). With this move the OJCT will cease to operate, although the hard work of the tour’s past will not be forgotten, as the OJCT’s events will live on. The OJCT’s events will become part of the new tour, thus ensuring future junior curlers have the same opportunities as those of the past. The JSS will manage the JCTO, Ontario’s new and harmonized junior curling tour.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who has supported, promoted and worked to create the OJCT, and provide Ontario’s junior curlers with an avenue to display and enhance their abilities.