OCA U21 Qualifiers have now been set as teams compete in three locations across the province for the first six spots available in this year Pepsi U21 Provincials at the Annandale Golf and Curling Club.

Starting to the east, both men’s and women’s tour leaders teams Wallingford and Hall will lead their respective fields at the Brockville Golf and Curling Club in Qualifier A.  Is a return visit to Provincials in the cards for both of the Tours #1 teams?

Moving west, the B Qualifier will take place in the Kawartha region at the Fenelon Falls Curling Club.  The men’s event will feature four top ten teams led by Tour #3 Team Willsey while the women’s event features six teams led by two teams in the top ten, Sutherland and Mackay.

The Welland Curling Club will host the final C qualifier with the largest number of entrants in both genders.  The women’s field of eight is led by women’s numbers 3 & 4, teams Rozon and Jewer while the men’s field of seven will include top ten teams, Marshall and Twining.

Watch all of the scores as they are posted on the OCA website or through the link on the OJCT website.

The OCA U21 Qualifiers are a points eligible, premier event.  All women and men’s team playing in the event will earn points for wins and placing points will be awarded to each A and B qualifier.  A strength of field index has been built from all of the participants across all three qualifiers.

Good curling to all participants.

2017-18 Strength of Field Calculations – 2017 OCA U21 Qualifiers – Women

2017-18 Strength of Field Calculations – 2017 OCA U21 Qualifiers – Men