The OJCT is pleased to announce its 2017-18 U21 Season Points Champions

For the men, with an impressive three victories in tour events this year including two OJCT majors as well as a victory on the OCT Tour at the KW Fall Classic, Team Matthew Hall from the Westmount Golf and Country Club is this season’s OJCT Men’s Champion.

Congratulations to:

Skip – Matthew Hall

Vice – Jeff Wanless

Second – Joey Hart

Lead – David Hart

Coaches – Ray Bushfield & Richard Hart


For the women, with a solid performance both this year and from the carry-forward season of 2016-17 and a top five OCT Tour event performance, Team Emma Wallingford from the Ottawa Curling Club is this season’s OJCT Women’s Champion.

Congratulations to:

Skip – Emma Wallingford

Vice – Grace Holyoke

Second – Lindsay Dube

Lead – Hannah Wallingford

Coach – Doug Kreviazuk

The final 2017-18 season’s points standing were as follows:

U21 Men (Final 2017-18) U21 Women (Final 2017-18)
1 Hall 1760.27 1 Wallingford 1480.08
2 Willsey 1140.60 2 Little 1118.63
3 C. Richard 822.18 3 Rozon 1077.40
4 Marshall 794.00 4 Jewer 906.47
5 Fayaz 745.60 5 Smith/Brunton 807.86
6 Leung 691.58 6 Kiemele 800.36
7 Hahn 633.38 7 L. St-Georges 704.46
8 Enman 581.86 8 Sutherland 613.68
9 Steep 545.82 9 Bernard 553.77
10 Twining 530.53 10 Steele 518.50


Congratulations to all of the teams making the top ten for 2017-18.  The 2017-18 season champions will be recognized at the end of April at the 2018 OJCT Championship Invitational and the top eight have earned invitations to this new event on the OJCT event calendar.


Details on the event will follow in January.



The 2018-19 U21 points season commences with the 2018 OCA and NOCA Provincial Championships that take place this week in Ajax at the Annandale Golf and Curling Club and in Thunder Bay at the Fort Frances Curling Club.  Good luck and  good curling to all of the teams participating in these events.