U21 provincial qualifiers took place at three sites across southern Ontario this weekend, with 12 teams punching their ticket to provincials. The “A” qualifier took place in Brockville, where teams Hall and Wallingford were A-side winners. Joining them at provincials are teams Hahn and Little who emerged from the B-side. Fenelon Falls hosted the “B” qualifier, where teams Richard and Steele were A-side winners. Advancing via the B-side were teams Willsey and Murphy. Welland curling club played host to the “C” qualifier, where teams Steep and Warriner claimed the A-side births. Rounding out the provincial field are teams Marshall and Rozon, both winning the B-sides.

With 4 U21 Provincial births remaining, the challenge rounds next weekend should feature some great action. Best of luck to all teams entering challenge round, and congratulations to the 12 teams who were qualifier winners.