What is the Tour?

The Ontario Junior Curling Tour is a collection of the top junior curling events in the province, working together to improve the junior curling experience. It’s easy to participate and open to everyone!

What’s Involved?

Each season, hundreds of junior curlers (U21 & U18) from all over Ontario compete in events that are members of the Ontario Junior Curling Tour (through a fee established annually by the Tour’s Board of Directors) and by participating in these events, teams are eligible for tour points based on how they fair in each competition. Teams are then ranked by their accumulated point totals throughout the tour season and becomes eligible, upon registration as a team, for value added development opportunities based on their performance.

Why Should I Participate?

OJCT events offer the opportunity to meet great people, be active, and fulfill your competitive desires. Compared to other sports, curling is relatively inexpensive but still offers high quality athletic experiences. If you’re involved in curling at your local club or through your school, you’ve already got a head start! OJCT events offer you the opportunity to meet people outside of your curling club or school, build lasting friendships and excel further in your curling career.

The experiences gained on the Ontario Junior Curling Tour are not only memorable but help build well-rounded athletes interested in performing at a higher level in provincial & national playdowns. A number of OJCT athletes have gone on to compete at National and World Championships.

How Can I Get Started?

It’s as easy as getting in touch with the directors/organizers of our member events and registering for any competition! Visit our events page to find an event that works for your team. Generally these events are extremely popular, and if you don’t register before September you may have missed the boat. Contact us for more information, or any event director – we will be happy to help you out!

Alternatively, if you don’t have a team – don’t sweat! Visit our forums and speak with any curler, there are many free agents available if you don’t have a junior program available at your local curling club. In fact, most participants on the OJCT play on teams with members from more than one club. We highly suggest you inquire about junior curling camps in your area as a great way to meet other curlers, as well.

Please note: all of our events require that each member of a participating team from Canada is no older than twenty (20) years of age (U21) for U21 events or no older than eighteen (18) years of age for U18 events as defined by the standards adopted by the Ontario Curling Association. International teams must be no older than the age of ‘junior eligibility’ as defined by the rules of the curling association by which the team is governed. If no such eligibility requirement is defined, the World Curling Federation requirements will prevail.