OJCT Points and Ranking System (September 1, 2018)

The OJCT points assessment and ranking system looks to enhance the ability of the Tour and its events to create more meaningful development opportunities for U21 and U18 teams and their players.  It is available to all registered teams who participate in sanctioned OJCT events.  The registration process is separate and distinct from playing in an OJCT event and provides additional development benefits from those teams who do not register.

The system used by the OJCT also acts as a pilot model within the National Youth Feeder System National Ranking System initiative of Curling Canada and as a source for the Ontario Curling Association (CurlOn) in helping to evolve the competition model for OCA Championships in 2018-19 and beyond.

The points assessment and ranking system OJCT Points and Ranking System 2018-19 V1.1 comprises a set of principles for the way points are calculated for sanctioned events on Tour and how they are accumulated in a season.  These principles include:

  • An event tier structure where events of different size, stature and outcome offer more points for wins and teams making the placement positions
  • The introduction and use of a size of field index and a strength of field index that increases the number of available points for an event based on the teams playing in that event
  • Points are separately tracked by age group, U21 and U18. Points are also partially transferable from one age level to the other and for events that are played on another recognized tour or level in or outside Ontario
  • Points are attributed to a team and to the individuals on the team to allow for teams that reform in subsequent seasons to carry-forward their points based on the new line-up

The Tour Ranking system also sets limits to the number of events that are able to be counted in an accumulation year and defines its accumulation year stretching over two traditional curling seasons using a wrap-around season methodology.   Points also carry-forward for teams and individuals from the previous season to the next season based on a prescribed models.

We encourage teams and their coaches to consult the detailed program description for reference as well as pose any questions you may have to the chair of the OJCT Board.

The Fine Print

The OJCT reserves the right to adjust the application of  the points assessment and ranking system only in circumstances where an event format has changed materially from previous years or what was expected by the Tour Board prior to the outset of the season. Any adjustments would be made to maintain consistency and the equitable distribution of points across events and teams.