After ten rounds of exciting round robin play, the 2019 OJCT Championship Invitational playoff teams have been determined.

U18 Women

  1. Emily Deschenes
  2. Paige Ballantyne
  3. Jessica Guilbault
  4. Charlotte Johnston

In the semi-finals, Deschenes will play Johnston and Ballantyne will play Guilbault.

U18 Men

  1. Daniel Del Conte
  2. Daniel Hocevar
  3. Jacob Jones
  4. Landan Rooney

In the semi-finals, Del Conte will play Rooney and Hocevar will play Jones.

U21 Women

  1. Mackenzie Kiemele
  2. Rachel Steele
  3. Madelyn Warriner

Team Steele will play Team Warriner in the semi-finals with the winner playing Team Kiemele.

U21 Men

  1. Mooibroek
  2. Inglis
  3. Fenech

Team Inglis will play Team Fenech in the semi-finals with the winner playing Team Mooibroek.

All semi-final winners will move on the finals at 3:30 PM at the Guelph Curling Club

Scores will be available online at Tour partner CurlingZone and the OJCT website