What a weekend in Guelph at the Guelph Curling Club!  Four new champions crowned, 19 All Stars recognized by their peers for outstanding achievement in the 2018-19 season that was and four teams celebrated for their performance as points champions over the course of last season.

Wrapping up the weekend, Sunday saw the Invitational’s four championship finals played with the following teams winning their respective age category and gender events.  They included:

U21 Men – Team Sam Mooibroek (Skip – Sam Mooibroek, Vice – Nick Lemieux, Second – Matt Garner, Lead – Charlie Randell)

U21 Women – Team Rachel Steele (Skip – Rachel Steele, Vice – Katie Ford, Second – Michaela Robert, Lead – Rebecca Smith, 5th – Megan Ford)

U18 Men – Team Daniel Del Conte (Skip – Daniel Del Conte, Vice – Nykolas Moore, Second –  Samuel Guilbeault, Lead – Vincent Barbon

U18 Women – Team Charlotte Johnston (Skip – Charlotte Johnston, Fourth – Julia Markle, Third – Scotia Maltman, Second – Larissa Musselman)


Congratulations to all of the teams, coaches and families as each team will have an exciting development opportunity ahead with the U21 Champions participating in the World Curling Tour Stu Sells Oakville Tankard this September and the U18 Champions participating in the Marc Kennedy Junior Classic in Alberta in March 2020.

As well, we recognize the runners-up, Teams Greg Inglis and Mackenzie Kiemele in the U21 events and Teams Jacob Jones and Paige Ballantyne for the U18 events.

As the curling year comes to a close, we thank again our event sponsors, all of the events on tour and their sponsors and club partners and all of the athletes, coaches and families who participated in the season and look forward to the season ahead starting Labour Day weekend…not far away.  Enjoy these pictures from the event.

Team Daniel Del Conte – U18 Men’s Champion

Team Charlotte Johnston – U18 Women’s Champion

Team Rachel Steele – U21 Women’s Champion

Team Sam Mooibroek – U21 Men’s Champion

Team Landan Rooney – U18 Men’s Point Champion

2018-19 U18 All Star Leads – Vincent Barbon and Trey Cowell

2018-19 All Star Second Sam Guilbeault with presenter Glenn Paulley

2018-19 U18 All Star Vice Sam Hastings with presenter Glenn Paulley

2018-19 season U18 All Star Skip Dylan Niepage with presenter Glenn Paulley

2018-19 season U18 All Star Second – Dominque Vivier with presenter Corrine Bertolo

2018-19 U21 Women’s Points Champions – Team Kiemele

2019 OJCT Championship Invitational U21 Runners-up Team Inglis and Team Kiemele

Battle of Teams Ontario during the 2019 OJCT Championship Invitational