The OVCA Superspiel concluded Sunday with Swiss and Manitoba teams coming out on top. Team Wagenseil (Switzerland) claimed the men’s title after an undefeated run through the Superspiel. Team Zacharias (Manitoba) won the women’s title coming through the C side, with 3 Sunday wins.

Teams Wagenseil and Lavoie (Quebec) came out of the gate strong and earned semi-final births via the A side and 4 wins to start. B qualifiers were teams Mooibroek (Ontario) and Witschonke (Switzerland), who won 5 games each to each the playoffs. Playoff teams who advanced via the C side were Sinnett (USA) and McNamara (Ontario) for the men, and teams Zacharias and Brunton (Northern Ontario) for the women. 3 Ontario teams barely missed out on playoffs, as teams Comeau, Thorne, and Purdy were a win away from semi-final births.

Men’s semi-final action saw Wagenseil beat Sinnett, and Mooibroek take down McNamara. The women’s side saw Zacharias beat Lavoie, and Brunton take down Witschonke. Wagenseil won the men’s final 9-4 over Mooibroek, while Zacharias won the women’s final 9-0 over Brunton.

The consolation champions were team Stevens (Nova Scotia), who beat team Croisier (Northern Ontario) 6-3. Consolation semi-finals were teams Bruce (Newfoundland & Labrador) and Patry (Quebec).