November 2, 2018 – November 4, 2018 all-day
Various Clubs
Jodi and Craig Hall

2018 KW Classic Youth Curling Cashspiel

November 2, 3 and 4, 2018

Complete entry form below to start the entry process.  Entry will be confirmed by the event organizer after acceptance.

If you experience online registration entry problems, please register on the OJCT website first (top of the OJCT home page) and then re-enter your entry data.  If problems persist, please email the OJCT at perry_marshall@yahoo.ca

2018 KW Classic Youth Cashspiel Entry Form

2018 KW Classic Youth Cashspiel Entry Form

Team Name & Home Club

Team/Player/Coach Information

Please enter the core data about each player on the team, your team contact and your coach. Player names and birth dates are required data.

All entry fees include required OJCT fees.

Please forward cheque payable to KW Classic Youth Cashspiel to the address below, or send email money transfer to financeKWcashspiel@gmail.com

If paying by cheque, please send to Jodi and Craig Hall 72 Sandsprings Cr, Kitchener, ON, N2E 2A6

Games will take place at the Westmount Golf & Country Club / KW Granite Club / Elmira Curling Club

  •  U18 & U21 – Pool Play followed by single knockout playoff
  • U15 Triple/Singles Day1 followed by single knockout playoff Day 2

 Teams will be notified at the email address given on entry form. Please choose the email address carefully and ensure this is the best method of updating your team with schedules and communications.

Exact number of teams in each category will be dependent on entries received.  Structure of each event will be finalized and communicated by June 30th, 2018.  Registrations received after June 15th may result in your team being added to our waitlist.  A limited number of spots may be held for international/out of province teams.

Refund Policy:  Any team withdrawing from this event before September 1, 2018 will have their entry fee returned, provided that a replacement team can be secured.