At the 2019 OJCT Championship Invitational, the Tour took time to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding achievements of current and recent graduates of the OJCT for their accomplishments on the national and international stage during the 2018/19 season that was.

Those acknowledged included:

U18 Canada Winter Games

Team Del Conte (Daniel, Nyk, Sam and Vincent) – Silver Medalists

Team Croisier (Bella, Jamie, Piper and Lauren) – Gold Medalists

U18 National Championships

Team Niepage (Dylan, Sam H., Cameron, Trey and Chris) – Gold Medalists

Team Croisier (Bella, Jamie, Piper, Lauren) – Gold Medalists

Team Deschenes (Emily, Emma, Jill, Celeste and Grace) – Silver Medalists

U21 World Championships

Matthew Hall (Team Tardi and past OJCT player rep) – Gold Medalist

U21 National Championships

Team Steep (Sam, Adam, Oliver (OJCT Player rep and Treasurer), Emerson and Alex)

Team Coburn (Thea, Kaelyn, Calissa and Alice)

Team Horgan (Tanner, Jacob, Max and Maxime)

Team Brunton (Kira, Megan, Sara and Kate)

USports National Championships

Laurentian University women (Kira, Megan, Alyssa) – Gold Medalists

Brock University women (Terri, Claire, Marci, Jill & Laura) – Silver Medalists

Carleton University men (Cameron, Mac, Morgan and Brendan) – Gold Medalists

Brock University men (Sam, Nick, Dan, Doug)

Canadian College Athletic Association Championships (CCAA)

Humber men (Matt Garner) – Silver Medalist

Fanshawe men (Charlie (past OJCT player rep), Tyler)

Fanshawe women (Briane, Lauren)

Humber women (Quinn, Brittany)

Ontario U21 Mixed Doubles Championships

Anastasia Richards & Sammy Churchill – Gold Medalists

The Tour also recognized the outstanding achievements of Tour players Emily Deschenes and Lauren Rajala for their selection to represent Canada at the 2020 Youth Olympics.

Finally, with this the first year of the Tour’s relationship between the OJCT and the Marc Kennedy Classic in Alberta, we acknowledge the accomplishments of the Tour’s 2018 U18 Championship Invitational representatives, Team Mooibroek (Sam, Ryan, Matt, Charlie) – Gold Medalists and Team Bernard (Veronica, Claire, Cassie, Kyrsten) – Silver Medalists in the U21 section of the event.

Congratulations to all of the athletes, parents, coaches and sponsors who help to support these outstanding achievement in 2018/19.  Truly a year to remember as we continue to acknowledge the important role that the events and the competition that the OJCT provides to developing U21/U18 curling athletes in Ontario for the national and international stage.