At the OJCT 2019 Annual Awards today in Guelph, the OJCT announced that nominations are now open for both regular members of the Board and U21 and U18 player representatives.

–The Board is looking for player reps to replace those that are graduating to adult play and those stepping down.  Nominations are open now for two U18 and two U21 reps.  Those currently reps are welcome to re-apply

The Board is also looking for additional regular members who might want to lend some of their time and expertise to the present and future of U21/U18/U15 competitive curling in this province.  If you share our passion for how competitive curling continues to grow to address the needs of the communities we serve and help keep Ontario curling as one that is envied worldwide, please contact one of the OJCT Board members for more information.

It was also announced today that current OJCT Chair, Perry Marshall, will step down from this function but remain an active Board member subject to time availability and the approval of the regular members of the Board after new nominations have been reviewed and approved.